Top Ten FAVORITE of 2013 [No. 6]

Posted on January 26, 2014


No. 6


Question [WizKids D-008]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Well, he’d be an addition to my Trenchcoat Brigade theme of long-coated figs. But with A) him being a convention exclusive, and B) me hating team bases and C) there being little incentive for owners to sell or trade him as a single apart from the base, I didn’t really need him …  until I saw that sculpt. OMG that sculpt is really awesome. And so I got one of my players to get me one at GenCon — and he came through even through trials and tribulations.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: That dial! So, so good that he also made the top 10, which is rare for the Heroclixin’ Fave list. But he’s still pretty F.U.N. too, thanks to his soft skin (no damage reducers that he’s likely to use) making his Mystics TA less brutal on the other guy.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: Hey, he’s not THAT F.U.N., you kiddin’ me?

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: Trenchcoat brigade. Also want to play an all-Question team sometime.

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