Top Ten FAVORITE of 2013 [intro]

Posted on January 21, 2014


Now it’s time for Heroclixin’s favorite countdown: Its Top Ten Favorite Figs of 2013!

But first, we’ve got to cop to a blunder in the Top Ten list re: Team Bases.

Heroclixin’ considered Justice League, Trinity of Sin and Shi’ar Imperial Guard to be in a three-way tie as the best of the once-broken, now merely powerful team base characters. But, still swoony over the sheer alpha-striking strength of TBs pre-Watch List, Heroclixin’ completely overlooked a challenger for the title outright:


Hellfire Club Inner Circle [Wolverine and The X-Men T006]

Like the other three, it deals high damage and starts with its best Asset Dial abilities (in its case, it can’t be Mind Controlled, Psychic Blasted or targeted by unfriendly Perplex and has Mastermind and Stealth). By using Solo Adventure to drop off Black King as Mastermind fodder, Hellfire Club becomes very difficult to KO.

Its weaknesses are that unlike the others, it has zero moving attack, has shorter range and is more dependent on map choice to properly leverage its Stealth. But with a well-armored dial that’s a full three clicks longer than any of the others on the Top Ten, who really cares? Feel free to replace your least favorite choice of Heroclixin’ Top Ten with this one.

OK, on with the F.U.N. stuff!


Here’s the usual honorary mention from the previous year that got released too late to truly shine in its calendar year but got its due the following one.

Black Lightning [Batman]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: First of all, I collect all the black characters in the game and he’s an old favorite. But he’s also a solid update of the character: Evocative of the old Collateral Damage Vet, he bears the same Running Shot, Willpower and Outsiders TA combo. His boost comes from his Special Power granting Energy Explosion, Penetrating/Psychic Blast and triple-targeted, Sharpshooter Incap. In all, he’s a great example of the general excellence in modern clix design.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: He became a piece I considered running all the time during the No Man’s Land events of 2013. With Outsiders TA, he was the rare counter to the Utility Belt’s too-frequent stat bonuses. And even now, he’s a figure that fits my F.U.N. playing style.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: He’s still more of a piece I use in competitive games than friendly ones. But that purpose is undermined by his soft, middling defenses and the uncopyable TA.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On an “electrify” team of him and other figs with electric sculpt elements. He’s a lock anytime I try out a Politician keyword team.

Next: My fave list begins in earnest with what might be the blackest character of all…