Top Ten WORST Clix of 2013 [part 3 of 5]

Posted on January 15, 2014


No. 6

Layla Miller [Wolverine and the X-Men 026]
At first glance, she looks like a meta-worthy piece, loaded to the gills with pit crew powers including a SP bundle of Outwit and Prob Control (the latter with a rider allowing her to drop tokens from herself or adjacent X-Factor pals) and the power to revive a KO’d friend. But when one sees that

  • her range is just 4 and
  • her DV is just 16 and
  • her AV is just 9 and
  • her damage is just 1 and
  • her resurrection SP doesn’t show until mid-dial and
  • it only works on adjacent figs costing 150 or less and
  • the revival only last for a turn anyway and
  • she’s liable to be KO’d before she gets to use it during her 5-click life,

then even her wild-card Minions of Doom TA is unlikely to truly make her playable at her nearly 80-point cost. Her tagline is “I know stuff,” but you ought to know not to use her.

BUT…there are those pit crew powers and that TA. She could still work a little

No. 5

Zach Hale Comstock [Bioshock Infinite 012]
Outwit and Leadership with a 15% chance at a bonus immunity to Outwit for pals within 4 squares seems OK. But…it’s just 4 squares. That doesn’t offer much flexibility at ALL. With 1 damage all dial long, his offense is nil and a total waste of his 10-11 AV. And his uncopyable Founders TA just kills his use with other teams that could otherwise synergize with him. He’s 70 points of geriatric junk.

BUT…don’t ever count Stealthed Mastermind out completely. Surround him with fodder and go to town


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