Top Ten HeroClix of 2013: No. 4

Posted on January 6, 2014


No. 4

Brother Voodoo [ASM 017b]

One of the earlier Prime figures, BV shows why they’re not allowed in multiples. The brother brings a lot to the table. First, there’s his free Mind Control as long as he has a single action token, allowing him to move his whole speed — with ease thanks to Phasing/Teleport — and use the power. He doesn’t take feedback damage and both he AND his target get +1 AV for the MC action. With him packing Probability Control top-dial as well, he’s not likely to miss his shot(s) at screwing with your team.

He lacks Willpower but doesn’t really need it, as he can use his free MC  next turn without gaining a 2nd token. Bro. V can literally use Mind Control every. Single. Turn.

Basing him seems like a decent counter, then; force him to only attack the single target. But that’s risky because he has a Special Power giving him use of Poison and Smoke Cloud, the latter for free when he’s based. And as mentioned before, he has Phasing/Teleport, so basing him is a temporary maneuver, anyhow.

Hitting him is a problem, too, what with his Super Senses+PC duo up top and a Stealth+Perplex+Combat Reflexes combo down his dial.

On top of everything else, he’s a candidate for ATAs for Howling Commandos, SHIELD and above all Heroes For Hire (which, post-Watch List, doesn’t really do all that much for him, admittedly — and that’s why he was left otherwise untouched after his inclusion on said list).

Mind Control is about all he does, though, so it’s hard to rank him higher on the Top Ten, even with his late-life Exploit Weakness. But there’s no question that he deserves this No. 4 slot in Heroclixin’s estimation.

Honorable Mention


Spiral [WATX] might have topped this year’s candidates pre-Watch List for being able to deliver the queen of all alpha strike tactics on top of being a solid figure besides. But even before the announcement that her “Dimensional Portal” trait would receive errata consigning it into oblivion as anything other than a slow evac move, many a Spiral found herself stranded on the far end of the map away from all the action, basically unable to use the formidable non-trait portion of her dial. Or she would eventually get into the fight but already a click down and lacking any armor to withstand any hits. Now that the temptation to use her portals is gone, she’s only one of the better balanced figs in the game — starting with Phasing, Pulse Wave and Prob with a latter-half shift to Charge+Flurry+Reflexes+Shape Change.

Hope Summers [WATX 040] is a total weenie, stats-wise, and utterly dependent on other figures to be strong, so she doesn’t rate true Top Ten status. But when one considers she’s not limited to friendly characters or standard powers to use with her Attack SP, it becomes apparent there’s no limit to what she can accomplish.


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