F.U.N. Forces: Rating the Wolverines

Posted on December 20, 2013



In a much earlier F.U.N. Fights battle report, I wrote about the miserable performance of my all-Wolverine team, leading me to swear off the build forever. Some of you weighed in on which versions of the character I should keep since I decided to unload a bunch. Here’s my thought process and some tentative decisions:

Wolverine (Wolverine and the X-Men 201) 113
One of the newest versions of the character, this is a good fig. The AV’s right, the durability’s there, he’s got just the right degree of movement and pushability. HE STAYS…MAYBE

Wolverine (Web of Spider-Man) 105
Black Ops Wolvie is a “stay in the shadows and lead” kind of fig. I like his finesse-y style with the free heal. And the look is just rad. HE STAYS.

Wolverine (Giant-Sixe X-Men 009) 103
With Charge, he’s a better fighter than X-Force Wolverine above. Though a bit overshadowed by the GF Wolverine, he’s 10 points cheaper and also rocks the free heal trait. HE STAYS.

Wolverine (TabApp) 100
Folks said he’s one of the best versions despite his looking stupid (I call it the “Disney Parade Costume” Wolverine). But I was heavily unimpressed. On paper, he ought to rock’n’roll. In practice, he’s just…OK. HE GOES…MAYBE

Wolverine (Chaos War) 90
Definitely a finesse Wolverine, with his “low” AV that isn’t, really. The 16 DV kinda kills this one for me. Only the fact that the sculpt is so small keeps him in the running to remain in the overstuffed tacklebox. Still, HE GOES…MAYBE

Wolverine ( Fast Forces) 75
Aside from his Modern Age legality and cheap-ish point cost, there’s nothing about him that’s the best at ANYTHING. I need a Wolvie that Charges. HE’S GONE.

Weapon X (Captain America) 72
The time-lock idea is a neat one, but it’s not enough to save him. Maybe I can trade it for something cool. HE GOES.

Weapon X (Marvel 10th Anniversary) 71
No Weapon X keyword and no Skrull Wolvie to promote to equals: HE GOES.

Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) 71
Despite his high 12 AV, this fig has NEVER gotten a good hit in for me, ever. Bad DV that only gets terrible sinks him. HE GOES.

Wolverine (Incredible Hulk) 70
Now THIS is the inexpensive, leather-jacket Logan of choice. If he started with actual Charge, he’d be even better. Best on a team with more than just X-Men, HE STAYS.

Colonel Logan (Days of Future Past) 70
I used to really like this piece http://www.pojo.com/heroclix/COTD/2006/Dec/13.shtml. But it’s cursed with crap AV from click TWO on. Not even the 6 range seems to help. HE GOES.

Wolverine (Armor Wars 095) 60
I keep him around for the range. But he only shows up on Wolvie teams, and I’m not playing this sort of team again, ever. He’s not even the only SHIELD Wolvie in the game anymore, for keyword purposes. But the TA makes him OK for other teams, and the 9 (!) click dial isn’t total garbage for 60 points. HE GOES…MAYBE

More Wolverines I didn’t play in the team but are being evaluated anyway:

Wolverine (Wolverine and The X-Men 001): This latest version of the character combines many of my favorite aspects of earlier ones: the Charging, the free healing, the armor, the high AV. HE STAYS.

Wolverine (Armor Wars 219 and 220) 57
Like the above Wolverine but with no range, a shorter dial, worse AV and not even tournament legal due to the purple ring. Yeah…no. HE GOES.

Logan (Clobberin’ Time 069) 60
Best Wolverine sculpt in the game, and a rare older version of the character that works still. The opening click of Stealth and decent runs of Toughness and Regen help keep him kicking a good while despite his oldClix-level stats beyond click #2. HE STAYS.

Wolverine (Avengers vs. X-Men) 175/125/75
Although I made most of this article long before AvX’s reveal, I need to evaluate this multi-dial fig, too. The 75-pointer is that cheap Indomitable Charger I want a Wolvie to be, complete with BCF and EW. Mid- and end-dial Regen with 17+ DV could work to keep Logan alive despite a 5-click life. At 125, he fills the same role, only a LOT less cheaply, of course. The 10AV on both is troubling. At 175, he’s lost the Charge even as he gains 11AV and strong armor. HE STAYS…but only because I need him for AvX.

Colossus/Wolverine (Giant-Size X-Men)

Technically, it’s not just him. But this, the one GSX duo I actually wanted, hasn’t really aged that well. Still torn on whether to hold on to it and try to make it work on the field — the only time it did was with the cheating piece best known as Bencralwer. THEY…STAY…?

Wolverines I don’t even own. Do I WANT to?

  • Old Man Logan (WizKids WK-006): Sooo expensive at close to 200 points. NOT MUCH
  • Wolverine (Fear Itself): Flying Wolvie is stupid. But it’s a pretty solid dial with a nice “stop” click and swap-out potential. Still…MEH
  • Wolverine (Marvel 10th Anniversary): Not bad, but works better for Skrull armies, which are not to my liking. SO NO.
  • Wolverage (Incredible Hulk 051): Probably the best of the Hulk-Outs. YEP
  • Wolverine (Giant-Size X-Men 052): Too bad the costume’s so niche, because this is otherwise one of the best versions of the character out there. So KINDA YEAH, I want it.
  • Wolverine (Supernova 222): The Willpower is a double-edged blade claw. But at least Zomberine has decent DV upfront and a bargain point cost. So SURE, WHY NOT?
  • Wolverine (Mutations + Monsters): An interesting divergent Logan. But I don’t like zombies on principle, so…NOT REALLY
  • Wolverine (Sinister 090): Want to like this so much more. Bad AV, especially mid-life, kills him bad. But it’s still the best brown-suit Wolvie sculpt in the game all these years later. So…KINDA
  • Wolverine (Mutant Mayhem 079, 080 and 081): A single click of Stealth and then Battle Fury and a little Charge and it all seems like a waste with sub-par values. NO
  • Logan (Mutant Mayhem 215): LE’s no better. NO
  • Wolverine (Ultimates 046-048): No movement and worst DV of all..which is really saying something considering the history of Wolverine figures. NO
  • James Howlett (Ultimates 216): Impervious is nearly worthless on 14 DV. Never again. NO
  • Weapon X (X-Plosion 096): Terrible stats invalidate cool sculpt. NO
  • Patch (Critical Mass 061-063): Way too low AV kills him. NO
  • Logan (Clobberin’ Time 067-068): DV’s still worthless, but Stealth and Toughness and long dial with decent AV at good cost is OK. Won’t ever use while the Vet’s around though, so…NOT REALLY
  • Wolverine (Universe 002): Super cheap at 41 points, but NO.
  • Wolverine (Infinity Challenge 073-075/Universe 097-099) Stats are too low. Ugly, too. NO.
  • Wolverine (Infinity Challenge 149/Universe 125): Great AV, good price. Stealth could help. Still, NO.
  • Wolverine (Infinity Challenge 171): Terrible all around. Hell NO.So that’s that on Wolverine. I can’t believe I took this long to get back to this subject.