Token Totin’ Thursday: Invincible Iron Man [part 1]

Posted on December 12, 2013


It’s high time Heroclixin’ started photo-documenting how the latest main set’s Super-Strong figs heft object tokens. First up:

The Wrecker [050] holds his securely in his wreckage.

Sasquatch [019a] has a grip that’s considerably more pedestrian…it just leans on him.

Piledriver can grip the newer, fatter tokens up high as shown. Older, thinner ones will need to be held some other way.

Hyperion [041a and 041b] has a handle on objects.

There’s nothing freaky about how Freak [003] easily balances a token in his arms.

Detroit Steel [020] has an interesting hold; it just lies on top, with his left-arm saw serving to keep it from sliding about.

The energy effect makes for a solid hold for Count Nefaria [048].

Lay that object in his chain to get Absorbing Man [033] in on the token-totin’ action.


Check back on Tuesday for pix of Rescue, Dreadnought, Crossbones and Iron Man + War Machine as the IIM edition of Token Totin’ continues!