Top ten best (and 5 worst) relics [part 4]

Posted on December 6, 2013


Uru Forge [Fear Itself Mighty Scenario Pack]
It’s one of the pricier relics on the list, but look at what 10 points buys:

  • A choice of a permanent +3 to speed or range, or
  • A permanent +1 increase to either AV, DV or damage, or
  • swap in a completely different relic into the existing game.

All for an easy-as-pie 3-6 roll. It could’ve been number one if it gave you the new relic outright instead of forcing ANOTHER pickup try.


Wonder Girl’s Lasso
At the very reasonable cost of just 5 points, this relic granting Steal Energy even from range is well worth fielding for any team. Only the somewhat slim 33% chance of grabbing it keeps it from being a top pick.


The Sonic Transmitter [Batman] is a 7-point waste on even the one force it benefits, one with Flock of Bats characters on it. Rarely are those characters going to be fielded without either a Batman [Batman 053a] or a Caped Crusader [Batman 053b] figure to interact with them, and as with the #5 worst relic, this one will also be used more effectively as a resource-based item. It’s just all kinds of useless for all but a handful of figures and forces that it’s nearly the worst relic one could ever field.


Be back next week for the best and worst relics of all.