Top Ten best (and 5 worst) relics [part 3]

Posted on December 5, 2013


Palantir [The Two Towers]
The most expensive relic on the top 10 list by far at 15 points, it’s here because it grants use of a pricey power — Mind Control — from behind walls, with an efficient 3-6 roll. For those teams you need to fill points on without just adding dead weight, this relic is the way to go. Better for long range than short, of course.


Mjolnir [Hammer of Thor]
The first relic is still one of the very best, even though it requires a daunting 6 roll for just a 15% shot at being worthy of the hammer of Thor. Granting a hefty +2 AV and damage along with Quake, Flight and Energy Explosion, gaining this relic can be a game-winner. It costs 0 points, too, so there’s no reason not to add this relic to a Golden Age force.


In the middle of the five-worst list at #3 is the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge [Incredible Hulk]. Like Mjolnir on the good list, it requires a difficult roll of 6 to obtain. Unlike the above hammer, it’s going to cost your force 10 points, pass or fail. And the benefit of gaining it? Outwit. That’s all. It’s just not worth it. Ever.