Top Ten best (and 5 worst) relics [part 2]

Posted on December 4, 2013


Disintegration Beam [Invincible Iron Man]
For 8 points and a 50% roll, you get one of the game’s few anti-relic/resource elements. But lest it be completely worthless in those matches not facing those dreaded “R” factors, it’s also a method for cutting through enemies’ armor if they’re not over 150 in cost. It’d be higher on the list if it didn’t depend so much on hot dice and strong attack ability to be useful after pickup.


Scorpio Key [Captain America] and Flame Blast [Invincible Iron Man] [tie]
Only 4 points buys the Scorpio Key, an outside source of Penetrating/Psychic Blast AND + 2 range. Needing only a 33% 5-6 roll, it’s a great points filler. For double the cost but with an easier 50% roll, the Flame Blast also grants PPB with a minimum 4 range — so it’s better for those 0 range pieces — and Energy Explosion when only targeting one foe. They balance out to a tie.


Getting Super Senses as the Lothlorien Cloak [Fellowship of the Ring] offers isn’t so bad until one notes the 10-point cost and the 50% chance it won’t fit and the fact that the doggone thing only functions IN hindering terrain, not just when lines of fire cross it. It’s overpriced by at least double and thus ranks as the fourth-worst relic.