Token Totin’ Tuesday: Wolverine+X-Men [part 6]

Posted on November 19, 2013


Continuing this photographic record of figures hefting objects, this time picking up a multi-week look at figs from the Wolverine and the X-Men full set. As proof that great things sometimes come in small packages Heroclixin’ presents Sunspot (Wolverine and The X-Men 018):

Well, I did write “sometimes.” Sunspot just lamely leans the token on his chest.

Here’s the more impressive-looking and gripping and appropriately-named-for-this-feature Strong Guy [Wolverine + The X-Men 012]:

Wedge it upright in the crook of his arm as shown. It’s not a great hold but it’ll serve.

Strong Guy had a crush on our next model, the magnificent M :

Monet can just barely hold the newer, thicker objects between her head and left arm as seen in the first photo, while thinner ones can fit a bit more securely in the gap between her right leg and swoosh.

She’s not the only multi-hold female of the set.

Rogue [WATX 064] holds ’em high by her hands and low by her hair.

Another former member of the X-Men Blue team makes the list: Jubilee [047b]:

The little vamp’s got a little grip on this thick token.

Speaking of hussies, this girl gone wild-mutations can keep hold of her tokens better than her top:

Husk [WATX 027]  holds both sizes of tokens btween her left wrist and the torn fabric of her costume.


WATX is well on the way to being fully documented. Hopefully next Tuesday’s will be the last installment.