F.U.N. Fights: The Nine Lives of Catwoman

Posted on November 13, 2013


The scenario: 600 points, no team bases or resources.

Because running clone swarms are one of my favorite things to do in HeroClix, I went all-Catwoman:

Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 006] 80
Catwoman [Batman 007] 71
Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 102] 75
Selina Kyle [Batman] 69
Catwoman [DC 10th 015] 68
Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 203] 65
Catwoman [Batman TV 009] 60
Catwoman [Batman TV 005] 60
Catwoman [Unleashed] 50
= 598 points.

It went a terrible, terrible 0-3 because it got stranded on low-Stealth maps and, more importantly, I almost never rolled higher than 5 on two dice and usually under 4 on one. What does it say about a game where you need Leap/Climb’s help just to break away? Meanwhile, opponents hit even my 18 DVs practically at will.

And this was pretty much the result, all the time

And this was pretty much the result, all the time

Black cats are supposed to cause OTHER PEOPLE bad luck!!!!!!


But it wasn’t all dice. The build was no good, either. By piece:

  • Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 006]: This, the most expensive of the Selinas, was a fat waste of 80 points except for the Outwit. I ran her for the Batman Enemy team ability, but it was never ever used because she was always kept at range due to her ESD and anemic 2 damage. I’m never using this figure again. 
  • Catwoman [Batman 007], OTOH, was quite useful, even if she hardly ever attacked. The “Misdirection” SP shifting tokens about was good enough, as was the Outwit. But one 71-point piece couldn’t carry the team.
  • Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 102] was another that looked better on paper. I thought her Charge would give me a little bit of offense amidst the others’ tricks. But as noted in the first part of the article, my dice didn’t do well. And her super-duper short 5-click life did her absolutely no favors, in spite of her free-action-breakaway trait, only racking up an easy 75 points for opponents. Another Anne Hathaway bites the dust.
  • Selina Kyle [Batman] was my only real offense and about the only one who wasn’t KO’d in any game. Not enough to save me, though, especially with so much of her point cost wasted in a game with no relics.
  • Catwoman [DC 10th Anniversary 015] ostensibly was the beneficiary of the Batman Enemy TA, but never used it. Another fighter down in flames thanks to lack of movement and horrid dice. I need to rethink using her when there’s no relics or resources to speak of.
  • Catwoman [Dark Knight Rises 203] was, finally, an Anne Hathaway clix worth using, with Flurry, Perplex, Batman TA, Indom and object-ganking skills. Heck, she’s one of the only reasons I’ll try this sort of team ever again. Unfortunately, she’s short-lived, too.
  • Catwoman [Batman TV 005] never got her pet tiger in the game, ever. Stupid dice rolls. At least her Elaborate Deathtrap managed to take a victim.
  • Catwoman [Batman TV 009], as the only non-Stealthy one of the team, always got into the fight too late. I probably should have been more aggressive with her, but I really didn’t think it’d be so necessary. It was also tough to decide whether to use BCF or go for the Deathtrap move.
  • It’s a bad day when an old piece like Catwoman [Unleashed 222] is practically an MVP just for drawing fire. Having Exploit Weakness will make her a target. But with her only costing 50 points, I didn’t mind so much.






I should have dropped the Batman Enemy fig — the TA was barely relevant anyway, with just one wildcard to use it — and run Catwoman [Batman 204] instead. She’d have brought a much-needed Charging 11 AV to this underpowered, immobile team, another Batman Ally to help her sculptmate 007a gain extra powers of Plasticity and Shape Change, and potential healing from the Birds of Prey ATA.

Dumping the similarly useless-for-the-75-points Catwoman [DKR 102] could’ve bought room on this team for TWO others: Catwoman [Batman Alpha] and [DC 10th Anniversary 008]. The former, for 40 points, adds a cheap tie-up piece with a 6-click-long dial — one more than the Catwoman she’s replacing for 35 less cost! — with a ton of Outwit on the back half. The other piece is a total remake of the Unleashed Catwoman, just slimmed down by 15 points, making her another needed cheap tie-up piece with a bite.

Huh. After this tournament, I’d all but sworn to never run this team again. But I think I’ll give it another shot sometime with this amended lineup.