Token Totin’ Tuesday: Wolverine+X-Men [part 5]

Posted on November 12, 2013


Continuing this photographic record of figures hefting objects, this time finishing a multi-week look at figs from the  Wolverine and the X-Men full set. Here’s that ragin’ Cajun, Gambit (Wolverine and The X-Men 031):


He’s got a tenuous hold on the light object between his energy trail and the green base of his switchclix area.


Here’s another fig, the Great Lake Avengers’ Big Bertha [Wolverine + The X-Men 039]:

The plump powerhouse balances the token in her meaty arms.


WATX is on the way to being fully documented. Look back on Tuesday for another installment. Tomorrow, read a Figure Flush mini-battle report. Thursday there’ll be a wrapup of Fear Itself’s Token Totin’ pieces.