F.U.N. Fights? (Or figures getting in the way of F.U.N.)

Posted on November 8, 2013


So, longtime readers may recall a series I did called Figure Flush, when I played tons of teams to get at least one fielding of every unplayed piece in my collection. It was great fun and a resounding success.


The only way I was able to do it was when I could either run a different team in the bye rounds at the venue I judge or solo-play matches at same. I was able to burn through a lot of figs. Now, though, my work schedule’s changed and I only get the opportunity for ONE round. Consequently, I end up running teams of all unplayed characters instead of my favorites.

I’m beginning to tire of it. For while I like trying out fresh dials on the field, I also end up not playing very well because I don’t quite know what the characters do and the teams aren’t at all optimized as a result. And it’s been this way for nearly every game I’ve played since August.

It’s a point we all reach in life: The realization that we can’t have everything we want. In this case, I may have to relax my self-imposed requirement to play every character I own before trading or selling it. Perhaps it’s time to say, “I’ve got enough ‘clix. No need to run any characters or dials I don’t care so much about.”


For now, though, here’s what I fielded for the first time ever during my Heroclixin’ hiatus:

Oracle [WATX]. Nice little support piece.

Jean Grey [WATX 017]. I really hate these weak versions of this powerful character.

Magneto [WATX 037]. OTOH, this bargain version of the Master of Magnetism was a welcome change of pace.

Silver Samurai [WATX]. Nice and F.U.N. with his sword.

Titania [FI]. OK.

Red She-Hulk [FI 006]. MORE THAN OK.

Namor [WATX 058]. Made an Atlantis team work swimmingly.

Nerkkod. Great with Namor.

Greithoth. Came one win away from victory in Fear Itself.

Iron Man and Iron Patriot @ 200. Dynamite if they’ve got TK on the team. And I did.

Strong Guy [WATX]. To think there was a time I didn’t want this fig because the M+M version was just fine. I like this one better, obviously.

Riddler [Batman ’66]. Deathtrap is a great ability. If only I’d thought to use his Prob Control to try to counteract the enemy’s Escape roll!

Iron Man Mk 40. Had a blast Sonic Booming through enemies. An unusual addition to the Stark Armory.

Heimdall [FI]. Underperformed, though in a format that worked against him somewhat.

Hawkeye [FI]. Loved using that crazy Incap power!

Nightcrawler [WATX 102]. Nice to have a Nighty that’s balanced.

Ricochet. Slightly disappointing…that ricochet ability never quite came off like I’d hoped.

Miranda Swedlow. Will she ever be more than just meat shield fodder?

Dave Lizewski [001]. Had hoped to promote him into his better chase version. But him scoring the final KO prevented it.

Superman Robot [CD 221]. No, that’s no typo; I finally got ahold of this old mailaway piece from 2006. Boy, the years have not been kind.

Kronan Stone Man. BEASTICK. That is all.

Extremis Brute, b-dial. That’s a lot of Flurry and Poison-plus. I like.

Ringwraith [101 and 102]. Got outgunned and outlasted by ASM Dracula, who healed from his LAST click to his STARTING click. Argh

Orc Warrior. Meh.

Moria Orc Archer. Slightly less meh.

Mokk. NOT AT ALL MEH. He’s actually almost unfair to go against.

So yes, a fair amount of figs got out the box and on the field. That’s good. But I long to play more teams that I care about. Therefore, this “Figure Flush” mode of force-building may go away soon. We’ll see.

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