Top Ten Favorites of 2007 [part 2]

Posted on November 5, 2013


Bronze Tiger [Justice League]

Although the set he came in has aged terribly, Bronze Tiger remains a good piece with solid skills (Charge with Willpower and Close Combat Expert, then Flurry and Reflexes later) even now. Not even the bad memory of two identical losses with him is enough to keep this Tiger off the list.

Experienced Wildcat [Origin]

The 66-point boxer in the cat suit is the best of the REV, with Charge and 3 damage and double Regen. Ted Grant was a favorite during the height of my JSA completist era of collecting.

Unique Jakeem Thunder [Origin]
Similarly, Jakeem was a must-play for JSA, thanks to his first-for-the-team 18+ DV to share with team members and wildcards — or any ally, because it was matched with the Defend power. He also went a ways toward making my All-Black Everything team competitive.


The retrospective continues tomorrow with numbers 4 and 3!

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