Top Ten Favorites of 2007 [part 1]

Posted on November 4, 2013



OK. Hiatus is over. We’ll kick off the first week of the new month with the customary Top Ten list!

For this month’s Top Ten, Heroclixin’ takes another look back at its Favorite Clix of the year from a pre-blog age: the year 2007.


Veteran Cat-Man [Origin]
The REV represented the best of the rookie/Experienced/Vet progression, and the Vet was my favorite: A 64-point Willpowered Charging BCF fig with a long-click dial that can be longer still thanks to the Suicide Squad TA. Simply can’t run a Secret Six theme without him.

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy [Mutations + Monsters]
They were Giants. They were a Duo. They were even a double base. And the tail was POSEABLE. Really, how could this NOT be a favorite? If only the starting Attack Vaue weren’t such an anemic 9…that’s inexcusable for a 151-point figure.


This sculpt, different dial.

Rookie Mister Miracle [Origin]
The first versions of Scott Free in ‘clix were all great. But this one rose to the top for me because the others were too expensive in their roles as tie-up and support. At 64, he’s great with Perplex, Super Senses, and Phasing to start, with Flurry just a push away. He’s actually better than he was thanks to the boosts to his full dial of Smoke Cloud and he still rocks a back half full of Leap/Climb, Willpower and Prob Control. Plus he fits on my Seven Soldiers team as a stand-in for the yet-unmade Shilo Norman, Scott’s protege.


Next time: Numbers 7 through 5

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