Figure Flush returns.

Posted on September 25, 2013


Although the store of unplayed HeroClix figures hasn’t reached the extremes of late 2012-early 2013, I’m still carting around more of these pieces than I care to. It’s all because changes to my work schedule and running Fear Itself events have taken a large bite out of my ability to play as many Clix games as I’d like.

Still, every chance I DO get to play, I make certain to run a fresh figure. Here’s what I thought of the last few virgin minis fielded recently, and how likely I am to revisit ’em:

Big Bertha: Perhaps the one piece in all of HeroClix that could, and almost did survive taking all five attacks from an enemy team base’s alpha strike. Man, if only I coulda gotten ONE of those “Impervious” rolls. Of course, BB is a founding member of the Great Lakes Avengers and she’ll be a fixture on my Fatties theme teams.

Bishop [Wolverine + The X-Men]: Fun and effective, he nevertheless took a lot more attacks than I liked. because he’s so soft-skinned for his price. But then no one wants to shoot him once he hits middial. Not sure what team I’ll use him on next. But I WILL use him.

Captain America [Fear Itself]: The only thing I really wanted out of the Fear Itself: Blitzkrieg pack, this latest version of BuckyCap didn’t disappoint.

The Goblin King: I wanted him for my theme team of overweight clix, and boy, none better fits the bill like this piece. His epic Perplex and Leadership actually gave a glimmer of hope of defeating X-Men: Gold. But it was not to be, at all. I will probably ONLY play him on the Fat teams.

Kid Omega: The trouble with him is he’s left alone in the starting area after flinging all his pals away. Not great for a 128 fig that should be fighting more.  Unsure how or if he’ll find a spot on future builds.

Lockheed  [Wolverine + The X-Men]: Not sure why he’s a Mystical, but he made my themed team work. Sadly, HE didn’t work, failing his sole shot at a Pulse Wave. Oh well. He’s destined for Pet Avengers squads anyway.

Magik  [Wolverine + The X-Men 061]: Man, did I pick the wrooong map for her…not a square of blocking terrain to be found. But that’s my own fault. She did her job in keeping me in the game beyond reason and in serving as trade bait to get the chase I REALLY wanted, Namor. Glad I got to run her first.

Martian Manhunter [WK-D002]: I fielded him with the Brave+Bold, 10th Anniversary and Brightest Day characters of the same name for a “My Favorite Martian” theme team of 900 points. And it turns out this one is NOT my favorite. Now that I’ve gotten that team idea out of my system, I may be trying to trade this one for something.

Monkey King: Finally got one of these. He worked fine. I’d like to run him AS the monkey king of other simians like Grodd, Solovar and the Super-Apes.

Phoenix [Wolverine + The X-Men]: Rachel Summers was a boss for me in the tournament I used her in, even though I didn’t play her to full potential. She’s got me thinking of a “Sculpts that yell ‘Fire’ on a crowded map” theme.

Shadowcat [Wolverine + The X-Men 204]: Being one more source of Outwit on a team filled with it made her feel superfluous. In fact, I’m not crazy about either of the set’s version of Miss Pryde.

Shadow King [Wolverine + The X-Men]: Missed one must-hit attack on a team base. That was sad. Other than that, he was fine. I wanted him for — and played him on — my Weight Watchers team of fat clix.

Thule Society Priest: I have only played in ONE Fear Itself event in all these months. So I only just managed to trade for one of these guys (and the Monkey King mentioned earlier). All he did for me, though, was A) be cheap enough to fit the generic theme and B) pick up a relic himself. That got him killed because he was no longer Stealthed and so he was shot to KO. At least he was a wildcarded Mystic…


Another weekend approaches, and it’s another one when I’m unlikely to get much heroclixin’ done. So the Figure Flush will continue for a time. Stay tuned.