F.U.N. Forces: Wolverine+X-Men additions

Posted on September 11, 2013


This is an occasional article I include in Heroclixin’ whenever a new set drops. (Yes, it’s a bit late.)

See, while some players collect X-Men or Justice Society characters, I have…odder themes that I like to complete. It’s why, even in a set like Wolverine & The X-Men full of characters that I’m fairly burnt-out on, I still find pieces that I look to acquire to complete or complement my weird themes.


For example, there’s my ARCHER theme of characters wielding bows and arrows. It’s the main reason Mirage (Wolverine & The X-Men ) makes the list. Well, that and the fact that I’m glad they made her with both her classic and Valkyrie powers, putting her in line for another semi-goofball theme that I may have highlighted a long time ago (or not so long ago): Ride of the Valkyries.


Early on in my involvement in HeroClix, I endeavored to build a top-flight, competitive team of all-black characters. I still collect them all, so I’ve sought out my #4 Most Wanted Piece, M (054) and Bishop even though, technically, these dark-skinned characters are Algerian and Aboriginal, respectively. And we can’t forget Storm, who comes with the X-Men Gold team base.



The Trenchcoat brigade gains new member(s) with a new Multiple Man in his current long-coated look. He also happens to be one of my favorite characters, so I have focused on obtaining several of these figures. Speaking of favorites, Longshot shares X-Factor membership with him (and the aforementioned inestimable M) to finally mostly complete a keyword-friendly version of my favorite X-team. I won’t break my neck to get the Team-Based new version of Wolfsbane, as there’s a great Golden Age version of her out there. Similarly, Strong Guy isn’t exactly a must-have for the same reason.


Big Bertha adds some more female mystique to my fun FAT FOLKS theme. Shadow King is also portly enough to contribute to tipping the scale toward my end of the map.


I won’t mind adding Black King and Black Queen to my silly “characters with ‘black’ in their names” theme.


And, sadly, I like Atlantis pieces, so chase piece Phoenix Five Namor is on my wish list. Sigh.

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