Token Totin’ Thursday: FEAR ITSELF [part 3]

Posted on August 29, 2013


Continuing this photographic record of figures hefting objects, this time we look at a quartet of red females in the Fear Itself expansion. Starting with that ginger foe of the Avengers, Titania:

She really can’t do much more than lamely lean the token on her right boob. At least it makes it plain that she’s holding the object and not standing on it.

Things improve once it’s hammertime and she becomes Skirn:

Said hammer makes for a fine grip.

The ginger theme goes even further with the dark-haired but red-skinned Red She-Hulk 006, who sports two holds. First is this tenuous one wedged between her hair and the small of her back:

…but it only works with the older, thinner object tokens. Otherwise, you’ll need to lean her a bit to the right to fit a token under her left arm:

What about when she goes Mighty? Red She-Hulk 020 shows what’s what:

It tucks right under her chin.


Future editions of Token Totin’ Thursday will highlight more Fear Itself until it’s all shown.

And hey! if you’re coming to DragonCon this weekend, look for yours truly in the HeroClix gaming area as I’m a member of the judging staff again this year. I’ll be one of the short black guys with glasses. (I may or may not have blonde hair.)