F.U.N. Fights: 1000 points o’ Wolverines

Posted on August 21, 2013



My favorite thing to do in HeroClix is to run teams composed of various iterations of the same character. This time is was comics’ most popular Canucklehead’s turn:

Wolverine (Giant-Sixe X-Men) 103
Wolverine (Giant-Sixe X-Men Fast Forces) 75
Wolverine (Web of Spider-Man) 105
Wolverine (Armor Wars 095) 60
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) 71
Wolverine (Wolverine and the X-Men 201) 113
Wolverine (TabApp) 100
Wolverine (Chaos War) 90
Wolverine (Incredible Hulk) 70
Weapon X (Captain America) 72
Weapon X (Marvel 10th Anniversary) 71
Colonel Logan (Days of Future Past) 70
+ Eleha’al Vine
+ Kinetic Accelerator
+ Dynamostat
= 1000 on the nose. BFCs included Overconfidence, Darkness and Resistance.

FIRST, I faced Paul’s excellent Mystical team of Dracula (Fear Itself), full-power Scarlet Witch (Fast Forces), 50-point Enchantress (Justice League) 3 Vampire Lackeys, 2 Astral Dr. Stranges and Trinity of Sin’s Phantom Stranger and Pandora, all led by a Warbound pair of Dr. Stranges (Secret Invasion and Galactic Guardians 206) on the Gridreality Park map. My BFC (Overconfidence, to stop Lotus Strange’s Brilliant Tactician) was nixed. I fought off Dracula but only KO’d a single Rookie Lackey for a horrible loss in which my opponent consistently made at least 2 attacks for every one I attempted.

SECOND round was against Bill’s N.O.W.H.E.R.E. team of Harvest, Omen, Rose Wilson (Teen Titans 030), Warblade (Teen Titans 055), N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Soldier (Teen Titans 205) and the rest of the team filled out with at least four N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Soldiers (Teen Titans 009) on the Metropolis map. Again, my chosen BFC, Resistance, was killed, and again I found myself thoroughly outactioned, outgunned and outdone, only scoring 126 points in the final minutes while losing Wolverine after Wolverine. And it could have been far, far worse, if Omen’s Mind Controls had actually borne fruit.

In the FINAL round, a bye against the judge, I finally found a little success, winning map roll to get Shadowlands (which ironically made my last BFC, Darkness, superfluous). This meant my Wolverines could actually do some fighting at last. And fight they did, KOing Green Lantern Batman and Caped Crusader (both of 2012’s Batman set) while surviving attacks from Thing (Galactic Guardians), Hawkeye (Chaos War), Kid Flash (Teen Titans 039) and Raizo Kodo, common Red She-Hulk and Valkyrie all of Fear Itself. Only lost WAXM Wolvie.

I’d wanted to play an all-Wolverine team for a long time. In fact, it was the sole reason I even still own some of these figures. But today’s 1-2 record tournament has me considering…well…NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

That means I’m dumping some Wolvies outta my collection.

So…which Wolverines should stay? Which should go? Post your opinions in the comments! A future F.U.N. Friday article will reveal the results of the Wolverine Purge.