Top Ten Greatest Feats of HeroClix — and 10 horrible ones (1 of 4)

Posted on August 6, 2013


Once upon a time in HeroClix, long before the game-warping reality of Relics and Special Powers and Resources, there were Feats.


They’ve pretty much gone the way of the dodo — the last one released was the print & play Frog Legs way back in fall 2010. So Heroclixin’ is quite confident that this Top Ten list should be its definitive one on the subject.


Heroclixin’ really tried to avoid ties this time, to the degree that great feats including Nova Blast and Nanobots got shoved off the list. But two 12-point feats refused to be ignored for the #10 spot:


12 points. Because Regen still hasn’t been fixed and paints a bull’s eye on any piece that bears it, this feat is money on anyone with more than a click of the power.

(tie) Contingency Plan 


12 points. Another feat that made us take notice of a power — in this case, Leadership — that was just so much junk before. Its time is a bit past, now, but it’s still one of the best feats ever made.

#9. Fortitude


25 points. One sure way to deal with the threats of Outwit and Exploit Weakness turning your man of steel into such a dude of kleenex. One didn’t run a tentpole team without it in Golden Age — at least, not before the age of the Resource dial.


Not all feats were good. Some were awful wastes of points. Here’s the #10 worst feat ever:

Large Object


3 points per 100. The effect — trading object damage for attack bonus — was a good idea. It was the stupid cost scaling that makes it fail. Losing the damage output was enough. It would have topped the list had it been worded in non-optional language.

9. Tactics


20 points. I can’t think of this feat without hearing the Rurouni Kenshin closing credits song in the same name in my head. The card’s not absolutely terrible — it does gives Leadership another boost — but the cost is way high at 20 points. There are way better feats to use on the power.


Tomorrow: More of the best and busts of the feats.