Top Ten retiring figs we miss already…or not (part 4)

Posted on July 4, 2013


Mourning in earnest now, even though I should be celebrating what remains of my freedom on this Independence Day here in America:



Aquaman (DC 75th Anniversary)

Overshadowed by my REAL favorite Aquaman (from Brightest Day), this one will still be missed for his high natural damage and water-based powers — especially now that there are a few more pieces that can grant water even on dry maps. In Golden Age, he’s liable to be crowded out by much better Atlantis pieces like the BD version and Secret Invasion Namor. Alas.



Firestorm (Brightest Day)

Another one of those pieces I just wish I’d played more. His lack of any viable keywords did that damage, and will likely continue to.


CommanderRogers Secret_Warriors_Vol_1_11

(tie) Steve Rogers (Captain America 031)

Gorgon (Captain America 046)

Steve is leader of my personal-fave theme Secret Avengers, which I got to finally play as a complete Modern Age team just ONCE before retirement. (I’ll tell you about it someday.) Now, the Black Widow, Beast and Steve Rogers clix used for the team are retired.

But while I can sub in any one of three decent versions of Natasha (Avengers Movie 007, 035 or The Covert Avenger) or the Fast Forces Beast (inferior though he be), Steve Rogers is the super soldier in a specific role and place in time…Cap with no red-white-and-blue shield, but a pistol. He’s not going to be remade, not with Nick Fury Jr. running the black ops Avengers now (and wearing the above uniform). Commander Rogers is forever retired.

(sniff) It’s like Cap dying all over again.

Then there’s Gorgon, this wicked, wicked Secret Warriors villain whose clix figure fascinated me. Of all the pieces on this list, he’s the one that’s somehow become a favorite anyway.

I think it’s because I like samurai swords.


Retirement leads to joy as well:

hellfireguard 200px-Leech-first

(tie) Hellfire Club Guard (Giant-Size X-Men 004)

Leech (Giant-Size X-Men 026)

Both these pieces were hell to deal with if you weren’t prepared for them. The Guards in particular really mucked up the works because characters barely associated with the club in question gained huge dividends from it. Anyone who’s fought a GSX Magneto gets this. Leech, on the other hand, was an equal opportunity nerf stick, with an area of effect that was at least two squares too wide IMO.


Tomorrow: the conclusion. (There may be another tie.)