Top Ten retiring figs we miss already…plus 5 we don’t (part 3)

Posted on July 3, 2013


From Modern Age to Golden Age go these, with regret:



Scorpion (Captain America 032)

She was one of those figs I kinda liked but could never commit to a team. Did she belong on Hydra? SHIELD? Plus she was a little mediocre in general. But she makes the list for being one of those pieces I wish I’d played more.



Sentinel Mark V (Giant-Size X-Men G09)

This was the best of the GSX Sentinels. They’re all decommissioned for Modern Age now, replaced with the far-inferior Chaos War variety. Poor Master Mold stinks even more.



Retirement’s not ALL bad, though, because of figs like this:


Rorschach (Watchmen Crimebusters Fast Forces 001)

Similar to yesterday’s mort, this Rorschach ONLY saw play in Modern Age games because the main Watchmen set version was every bit as good, maybe better, for 18 points less. Now that both are Golden, you’ll never use this one.


Tomorrow: Three more.