Top Ten retiring figs we miss already (and 5 or so we won’t)

Posted on July 1, 2013


Another July, another round of retirement. This time, these sets get the axe from Modern Age:

  • Brightest Day
  • DC 75th Anniversary
  • Giant-Size X-Men
  • Green Lantern Movie
  • Green Lantern Movie Fast Forces
  • Captain America
  • Watchmen Crimebusters Fast Forces
  • Warriors of Asgard Fast Forces
  • Street Fighter

Not counting any pieces among my favorites for their respective years of release — because OF COURSE I’ll miss seeing them in Modern Age — there’s a definite list of figs that I’m sorry to see go.

And a corresponding list of figs that couldn’t get to Golden Age fast enough for my taste.

Let it begin. Let it begin!



Angel (Giant-Size X-Men 031)

There was a time when Angel’s full-speed Charge and taxi skills for such a low price were rather attractive. Alas, his time quickly passed. Worse, it seems that the upcoming X-Men set won’t feature a feather-winged Warren Worthington III. Sorry to see this one go.


Gatecrasher (Giant-Size X-Men 037)

This intergalactic momma also never quite got her moment to shine in Modern Age, despite the copious early Perplex and some pushability. She’s surprisingly unfeatworthy, so Golden status isn’t her forte, either.


and one on the crap list:


Flash (DC 75th Anniversary W-7)

Once the cream cheese of pieces, this high-dollar fig has lost the arms race in a big way. Getting him to GA is almost a mercy. See ya, don’t wanna be ya…


Tomorrow: Three more.