Top Ten pieces most improved by 2013 rules: part 1

Posted on June 4, 2013


Last month’s Top Ten looked at the powers and abilities themselves. But now we’re looking at former loser pieces that actually might see a little use, and a few that were okay but now are much better, and maybe one or two that go from pretty good to top tier.

Grey Gargoyle (Secret Invasion)

Hobbled with a barely usable power set (thanks, Masters of Evil TA and the crap AVs that go with you all too often), this 2008 piece, had I been doing a Worst Of list back then, would have made the top 3 easily. It’s a little better now.

The new minimum 4 range on Barrier makes his SP version that only works in hindering usable at last. Combined with his new ability to set objects down with Super Strength, he might actually be able to make a useful shield sometime. His full dial of Incap also means he might be able to keep a target locked down perpetually (since the MoE TA allows him to act without stopping).

Of course, that horrible AV means using Incap is still a total waste most of the time, so Barrier for up to 4 straight turns is probably the better move.

Finally, the Fear Itself figure Mokk might make this piece see some use due to the former’s “Revert” trait. But unless you just HAVE to get the Masters of Evil TA, you’d probably just be better off sticking with Mokk’s far superior stats.

GG here is at the bottom of the list because while he’s much improved, he’s still one of the worst figs in the game.


 Songbird (Hammer of Thor 037)

She starts with Running Shot + Force Blast for knockback ability and double-target Incap. But it’s her mid-dial RCE with decent damage that moves her up from mediocre to…well…less mediocre. Use with the Thunderbolts ATA for best results, I think. She’s #9.


Ocean Master (DC 75th Anniversary 027)

With the range for his only-in-the-water Prob Control shriveling like a jellyfish on a hot beach, one wonders how Orm here got any better. Well, it means he’s more likely to use the REST of his powers, maybe — namely his Force Blast and Mind Control. Not exactly a winner — his range is still just 3, after all, one LESS than the minimal 4 for MC — but he’s more useful and much less the one-trick pony. #8 on the “Got Better” list.


Numbers seven through five tomorrow.