Heroclixin’ on the Starting Over podcast

Posted on June 2, 2013



Yours truly is featured in a long interview (about 75 minutes) with Edward Shelton, aka “darklogos” on HCRealms on his Starting Over podcast episode 63 on YouTube. It was a lot of fun (and F.U.N. of course). We talk about:

  • the genesis of Heroclixin’ (i.e., God punishing me for cheese teams)
  • changes in my venue
  • dealing with d-bags (and our own d-bag moments)
  • why netdecking doesn’t really work in HeroClix.
  • making fun scenarios and whatnot
  • metagaming and the loss of advice
  • what I’d fix if I ran game design
  • team bases and how ridiculously powerful they are
  • vehicle rules and how nonsensical they are
  • some perspective on the limits of playtesting vs. marketing
  • our “black history month” teams and fave pieces to run on ’em






Here’s the link:



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