F.U.N. Fights: Memorial Day mashup

Posted on May 29, 2013


So a clix-playing friend invited a number of other players to his place for food and then a fight. I came up with this scenario: We each build five 200-point teams and play one at a time. As a force is KO’d, place one of your remaining teams in the starting area (with immunity until your next turn) and two standard objects on the map. Continue until last man standing.

The idea was to play a lot of figures in one game without the lonnnng turns that massive-point games end up having.

Here were my teams (unplayed pieces in green):

  1. Aldrich Killian, Brandt, Extremis Brute and AIM Agent (Clobberin’ Time)
  2. Radagast and Ancient One
  3. Black Mask (Streets of Gotham), The Penguin (No Man’s Land) and two False Facers.
  4. Mammoth and Shimmer, both of Teen Titans set
  5. Ridge and Fairchild (020)

We played on the Dawn of Time map with Time Zones.

Mr. P started with The Ray, Secret and Empress. Mr. V had Jennifer Kale and Hannibal King. Mr. L ran Selina Kyle and Poison Ivy (No Man’s Land). 

All three took advantage of my too-aggressive positioning to destroy ExBrute. THEN they converged on my depleted team. Why am I so persecuted…?

Similarly, Radagast and Ancient One spwaned in the middle of a poop tornado. All sorts of minor user errors (Running Shot AWAY from A-One’s Enhancement. Leaving A-One open to shots from King. Outwitting GF Superboy’s Running Shot instead of his single-target Pulse Wave with Radagast the only one in sight) added up to quickly being down two teams while others were just starting up their second squads. 

The Gotham Underworld team did a little better. Would’ve done way better if I’d remembered the False Facers’ Poison more often, especially in conjunction with Black Mask’s Outwit. Eventually couldn’t handle the amount of attacks hurled at the team, and I was soon on Team 4, which was VERY short-lived despite landing an attack or two. Double Outwit is a (rhymes-with-“witch”). It took some time for Shimmer to get KO’d so I could bring out my final team.

I think I made a big fail in every turn with this duo, starting from the moment I placed them in the starting area. I’d put Fairchild ONE SQUARE outside her 6 range, losing a great opportunity to Mind Control. I used Ridge to jump and Quake a trio of enemies (Cyborg, Raven and Solstice) but ONLY managed to hit the Mystic — bye-bye, Impervious. I used Fairchild to Mind Control an enemy Nightwing, who proceeded to miss and prove again that the power still sucks. Even worse, poor Ridge took a solo Pulse Wave (something I could’ve prevented by moving the MC’d Nightwing in range of said Pulse Waver) to end up near-dead.

And then there was one. Not much of a threat to anyone left on the board, my Fairchild was largely left alone. I tried my best to stay out of others’ way.

Mr. L’s All-Star Superman finally came out to play, but he was hampered by not one, but TWO Inertia pieces on the board. A testament to the strength of that piece is that he still had little problem wiping the board clean of the remaining teams even without Hypersonic Speed. 

I had a chance to affect the game in an improbable way as Fairchild caught up with Superman with two tokens. She landed her hit, but it rolled off his Impervious hide. And that was all she wrote. (In the end, the last other remaining team of Red Robin and Bunker, both of Teen Titans main set, took down the Man of Steel.)

The “bring new teams in” mechanic was a pretty fun way of keeping things moving and getting a lot of figs out there. Will have to try this scenario in a real tournament.

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