Card Art #26: Repulsor

Posted on May 27, 2013


Continuing this ostensibly weekly (but more like monthly) series talking about DC feats and BFC cards that I went back and customized with artwork for fun. (Here’s a link back to the original concept.) Today, Card Arts continues with Origin’s Feat cards.

The next feat of the set is Repulsor:


Terrible feat — who’d want to pay 10 extra points to risk knocking an opponent OUT of your range, assuming you could even hit with the AV penalty? — but for completeness’ sake I remembered this panel from the late-1990s Steel comic of the character’s hammer slamming a crook out of a (fake) ice cream truck. That’s knock back, son.

The feat will become absolutely and completely useless when the 2013 upgrade to Force Blast makes so that this can happen on ANY hit, not just ranged, not just on single targets and CERTAINLY not with a -1 to AV.


Next time, Card Arts continues with the next Origin feat. You WILL be there.