Battle Reports: No Man’s Land 6

Posted on May 8, 2013


I played in No Man’s Land Month 6 recently.

Big Barda (Streets of Gotham) 148 + Utility Belt 10
Guy Gardner (Streets of Gotham) 142
Black Lightning 87
Void (Streets of Gotham) 70
Oracle (Streets of Gotham) 50
Bruce Wayne (Batman 202a) 50
Dr. Thomas Wayne (Streets of Gotham) 43
= 600 points.

This was not a F.U.N. team. This was a “ready to compete for the win” team. Barda is the best alpha-strike piece in the game. Guy was there to back her up or soften targets for her. He also granted her and Black Lightning a DV boost. BL functioned not only as a goo 3rd attacker and range threat, but his Outsiders TA could nerf the stat bonuses of enemy Utility Belts.

Then I had a full-blown S.T.O.P.P. pit crew in the other four pieces:

  • Support: Void and Dr. Wayne
  • Telekinesis/taxi: Bruce Wayne (TK) and Void (super-taxi) and Oracle (her SP for untokened JL allies). Later, Guy gets TK, too.
  • Outwit: Void
  • Perplex: Bruce and, later, Oracle
  • Probability Control: Void

They also had Willpower when Dr. Wayne is adjacent, allowing for extra actions without taking pushing damage. This team should’ve rocked.

It didn’t.

In Round ONE, it fairly well handled a team headed up by Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. But said piece was wearing the Belt and landed huge hits while on its +2 slots to score exactly ONE MORE KO point than me: 279-278.

Round TWO, against a full WildCATs team, went a little better. It took me too long to KO Spartan, but I won with 200 points and lost none.

Round THREE was a disaster. We spent about 40 of the 50 minute round jockeying for position. I made a bold move to one-shot his Belt wearer, but he’d picked the Super Senses +2 slot and made the dodge. Left out in the open, my Barda was KOed in a single turn after my misplay of forgetting the Belt’s ability to short-circuit my Outsiders TA (and I could’ve easily blocked the needed Line of Fire).

Round FOUR went mostly well until I got a little overconfident and did not retreat far enough. Lost the game on the very last play as time expired.

A very disappointing 1-3 finish for a team that, by rights, should have gone at least 2-2 instead. All the more reason to play F.U.N. going forward, because this doesn’t work for me.