Token Totin’ Tuesday: Big Barda (Batman)

Posted on April 23, 2013


Continuing the photographic record of how HeroClix can hold their object tokens. Let’s look at the bruiser of the Batman set, Big Barda:

She holds hers OK under her cape IF you use the chintzy lightning on her Mega-Rod to help.


I’ve been planning to publish the Top Ten list I was working on for April originally. But it was shoved into doubt by a sneak preview at a Fear Itself figure that appeared to meet the criteria.

Then the 2013 PAC and its changes completely destroyed that list.

Consequently, Heroclixin’ is beginning an early Top Ten countdown between now and Monday on the 10 biggest winners (and losers) in the 2013 rules update (in the same fashion as the 2011 version two years back).

It’s gonna be F.U.N.!