Top Ten changes I want…but will never get (intro)

Posted on April 1, 2013


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Easter Sunday is wrapping up as I write this. It’s a day when we Christians celebrate the greatest change point in human history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It transformed disciples on the run into apostles who shook the world and began a faith that, among other things, ended the slave trade in its regions (eventually).
What’s it got to do with Heroclixin’? Well, it’s a change that was, humanly speaking, impossible. And there are some changes in HeroClix I’d like to see that are as impossible in their way, too.

I may want these changes in the game, but I will probably never, ever see them.

This is different from the Top Ten Needed Changes article from late 2011. Those are fixes that not only are simple and would enhance the game, but also have been at least partially implemented (see Outsiders TA and, to an extent, Event Dials).

I’m also not talking of things that aren’t quite right now that could easily β€” and likely will β€” be changed within the next few months, such as making “assassin” a generic keyword or a Heroes For Hire ATA or finally getting more clix versions of Generation X.


No, I’m talking stuff that’s pipe dream material, that would involve radical shifts in the point formula or wholesale errata on multiple character cards or entire keywords β€” things just short of the idea of one perfect man taking on the sin of the entire world.
In short, these changes in HeroClix would require no less than God Himself to make reality. And this game frankly isn’t that high on His priority list.

And here’s number 10:


This was a proposed fix in the Needed Changes article because, thanks to all the myriad ways that the expensive cyan speed power can fail, Mind Control is almost never a better choice to use instead of a standard attack unless the MCer is really weak on damage. The fact that so frequently, now, Mind Control is customized in special powers and traits only underscores the standard power’s uselessness.

But the emergence of prime figure Brother Voodoo puts the kibosh on this. Being able to attempt a MC every single turn is plenty good enough, especially as his brand of the power is the ONLY option he has to use it. The ability to roll three dice and then pick the best two would utterly break the character and, by extension, quite possibly the game.


NEXT: The “never ever ever ever” wish list grows.