Figure Flush week five (“Or…is it merely an ILLUSION?!?”)

Posted on March 20, 2013


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this past Saturday’s game was green. All characters had to be wearing the color or BE the color.

Among two other teams I ran, I finally got to run a force composed entirely of that fishbowl-helmed master of illusion:


Mysterio (Web of Spider-Man) 75 x2
Rookie Mysterio (Ultimates) 44
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026) 70
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026) 15 x4
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 206) 62
+ Utility Belt 13

=399 points. Mysterio has used something like pretty much every item on the Utility Belt in his schemes, so it seems a fit. I put it on one of the 15-point Mysterios to mess with my opponent’s mind. He ran Immortus, Lizard (Amazing Spider-Man), Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) and Electro (Amazing Spider-Man 021).

We were on the Carnival map for the funhouse theme in keeping with Mysterio’s penchant for showmanship. I managed to block much of Immortus’ LOF to keep my Probability Control active, tossing up Smoke Clouds to keep folks Stealthed. Had WAY too much fun rolling Super Senses and Probability Controlling miss after miss, saying “You fool! That was merely one of my illusions!” Even when I lost a pair of Mysterios — both of them 15-pointers— toward the game’s end, I could still taunt “You still haven’t found the REAL Mysterio!” I even got the chance to pull off one of the 75-pointers’ “Grand Reveal” SP and swap the wounded one for another of the cheapies — a move that works well with their inability to use Outwit more than once a turn anyway.

This game might’ve been the most fun I’ve had in a single HeroClix game.

The show wasn’t done yet. The next day, I ran a St. Patrick’s Day green team of:

Sandman (Web of Spider-Man) 101
Lizard (Amazing Spider-Man) 88 + Animal ATA 4
Electro (Amazing Spider-Man 206) 72
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026) 70
Scorpion (Web of Spider-Man) 62
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 206) 62
Vulture (Amazing Spider-Man) 61
Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026) 15 x 5

=595 points. And there’s more than 250 more points of green that I could’ve got on this March 17-green team (Doc Ock, Gobby), but I needed to limit it somewhere and still have room for Mysterios. I faced Kai, a really young player, about 8, with a decent grasp of the game despite not quite getting all the rules yet. He definitely wasn’t a pushover with his LOTR team of Legolas, Aragorn, Ringwraith, Mouth of Sauron, Boromir, two Ugluks and Frodo with The One Ring on the Okaara map. Even though I was closing in on a potential wipeout when we ran out of time, I’d only KO’d one of the Ugluks and Mouth.


Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026) is OK, I guess. I say this only because I never saw his later clicks and didn’t really experience how he’d work then, with the bull’s eye painted squarely on his bowl-head.
On the other hand, Mysterio (Amazing Spider-Man 026b) was a star of both teams. It was tricky to get them mobilized for maximum lines of fire for Outwit, but once there, they were bosses at it. Best trick was countering a foe’s power then swapping with a Smoke Cloud-using Mysterio 026 in the backfield to keep that use of Outwit safe for the turn. They’re also fantastic sources of 10 AV for Syndicate members.

Lizard (Amazing Spider-Man) ripped things up once he finally got in the fray. Was torn between keeping
Shape Change and pushing to Tail Whip. He’ll make a good bruiser for a Scientist team or a partner for Vixen.

Electro (Amazing Spider-Man 206), with his 9 AV and 2 damage would seem a Running Shot bust. But with Syndicates around to boost AV and Energy Explosion, he did more damage than expected.

Vulture (Amazing Spider-Man) was a sorely needed taxi for the team.


There’s a LOT more Figure Flush to share in Friday’s part 2 — probably skipping Token Totin’ to give myself more time to compile it all. See ya then!