Figure Flush week two (or “What’d I do to play so black and blue?”))

Posted on March 1, 2013


More figures flushed out of the never-played status in a pair of solo games while I judged my venue’s “Black History Month” event, in which either half the build or half the number of clix had to be black. These were the teams I ran:

Vixen (Streets)
Killer Croc (Streets)
Falcon (Cap)
Werewolf x2
Flock of Grey Bats x2
Catwoman (Unleashed)


Brother Voodoo
Sam Wilson
Nick Fury (Chaos War)
Nick Fury (Avengers Movie 035)
Rookie SHIELD Agent (Infinity Challenge)
Rookie Mandroid Armor
Spider-Man (Amazing 034)
Gabe Jones (Cap 103)

It would up being a narrow victory for SHIELD when they KO’d Croc in the last action while losing only Spidey and the Agent. But the Animals had put no fewer than three SHIELDS on their final clicks and all but one were wounded.
Then I played this:

Luke Cage (Cap)
Dr. Voodoo
Black Panther (Avengers)
E Photon (Sinister)


HEROES FOR HIRE…well, mostly
Colleen Wing & Misty Knight (Amazing Spidey)
Power Man & Iron Fist (Secret Invasion)
Cloak & Dagger (Secret Invasion)
+ The Hand ATA

The duos, not being a themed team, got boned by losing map roll and having to play on a light-on-blocking-and-walls map. Exposed to ranged attacks (particularly, Dr. Voodoo’s armor-canceling SP), PM&IF didn’t last long. C&D were largely ineffective without much hindering terrain to snipe from. But Knightwing held off Doc, Cage and Photon longer than they deserved to. Meanwhile, Luke Cage was a boss, and Dr. Voodoo performed admirably to make Photon an even greater HSS threat than usual.
Then I had a rare evening game, in which I played the THIN BLUE LINE OF GOTHAM:
GCPD Cruiser
GCPD Officer (Batman)
Lucius Fox (DKR)
Batman & Nightwing
Arkham Guard (a)
Dr. Thomas Wayne

Went 2-1 with this team. If I’d remembered the GCPD Cruiser’s “Cuffed to the Bumper” Pilot ability in the sole loss, I would have prevented Spider-Man 2099 from fleeing and won that match, too (though it would’ve put me in the winners’ bracket against stiffer competition).
Piece-by-unplayed piece:

Killer Croc was solid enough, but I wish he had a better starting AV. He’s a (horribly mutated) black man, so he goes in the “black box” of black characters I’m collecting and will accompany Vixen on any future “black Animal” teams. But he’ll not be a frontrunner for even Batman Enemy squads.
Werewolf is a little bit broken. With enough Full Moon rolls, this 31-point piece just keeps going back to click #2 and won’t die. I’ll have to ensure one is on any Animal team I play.
Flock of Grey Bats was fine for its Poison tricks. Another cheap Animal to fill out themes or give Vixen another power.

Brother Voodoo being able to do free Mind Control two of every three turns is huge. Add his PC and Mystics and you’ve got one of the game’s best pieces right now. I’m using him next on a Heroes For Hire team, whenever we get those new ATAs.
Spider-Man (Amazing 034) didn’t impress, but I suspect this little piece has some hidden charms I wasn’t able to take full advantage of in this build. Still, he’s living in the tackle box for now.

Dr. Voodoo is OK, being a more straightfoward piece than the Brother. But the Prime piece is probably going to be my go-to choice in games where I’m not needing Avengers status.

Colleen Wing & Misty Knight, played with the Misty Knight half first, could’ve been much better on a better map for The Hand ATA. I will definitely play this piece again at this price point and click number, next on that Heroes For Hire team I mentioned.

GCPD Cruiser is every bit as torrid as I said, being able to carry a pretty weak team well.
GCPD Officer (Batman) was only the pilot for the car. I frankly still consider this an unplayed piece.
Lucius Fox (DKR) was surprisingly key for his Perplex and clutch Leadership rolls. Morgan Freeman is the man even in HeroClix, it seems.
Batman & Nightwing is priced like a tentpole but too fragile by far. I probably won’t be fielding this duo again, not with so many better choices for the points.
Arkham Guard (a) still hasn’t made a capture for me yet, but the sheer threat of it makes him effective as a decoy piece.
Dr. Thomas Wayne is a new candidate for Best Medic. Came very close to KOing the 160-point Spider-Man, too. Perhaps I’ll field the good Dr. again in that Combat Medics theme I’ve been wanting to play since Collateral Damage.


Welp, the weekend’s here, and it’s time for more figures to flush. Next week, you get to read about my team(s) for my venue’s Career Day event. Until then, have F.U.N. Heroclixin’!