Top Ten WORST of 2012 (part 2 of 4)

Posted on February 5, 2013


Here’s three more of the year’s worst.



MAUL (Batman 024)

The WildCATs’ big man is a big failure. He starts as a modest-stat Perplexer, then “hulks up” into a more Invulnerable type. The problem is that his AV doesn’t quite hulk up with him, and he loses the ‘Plex when he could really use it. Then he becomes a giant target, still without the AV he needs to contribute more than being the game’s biggest tie-up/meat shield.

At half the price, maybe he’d be better at the role. But no — 113 points he is, and it’s 113 points you might want to split between a real fighter and a real tie-up pawn.

He might get dumber and dumber as he grows, but maybe he’s still smarter than players who use him as the brick he looks like.




MINDWARP (New 52 Justice League 015)

He’s a two-trick pony, and only the first trick is any good:

  1. Phasing Prob Control. OK, that’s not bad.
  2. IF he has no action tokens and IF he can see an attacker and IF he can see the target, the target can use Super Senses. That’s a lotta IFs, and we’re still not done with ’em: IF the target actually dodges the attack with Super Senses, Mindwarp has to base the attacker. But PCers are best used at a distance, not up close. So it kinda ends up being a wash — or worse — even if it works.

45 points is just too much to pay for this. Lose him in warp space or something.



ORACLE (DC 10th Anniversary 017)

Oracle pieces have never been much for the battlefield proper — after all, she’s a paraplegic. But at least they’ve been great backfield support and, most of all, cheap.

This one? Not really.

She’s got a nifty trait that, like 2011’s #7 Top piece Professor X, allows her to draw lines of fire from fellow keyworded pals. But she’s more handicapped than her Marvel chair-bound counterpart:

  • 0 Range.
  • Using her complement of support powers (Outwit, Perplex, Prob Control) requires a dedicated power action…
  • …to pick ONE.
  • And all the oppo needs to do to shut that whole thing down is base her. She really can’t survive a hand-to-hand fight for long.

At 73 points, she needs to be a lot more potent than that.

I would make a crack here about her being crippled and having to crawl, but...oh, look....I...just did.

I would make a crack here about her being crippled and having to crawl, but…oh, look….I…just did.

Tomorrow we really start bottom-feeding.

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