Top Ten WORST of 2012 (part 1 of 4)

Posted on February 4, 2013


Compiling a list of 10 truly terrible pieces of crap this past year was harder than ever. Some of Heroclixin’s choices would’ve simply been completely average dials in years past. That’s the case with the first of the worst:




EGGHEAD (Chaos War 004)

A rare cheap Master of Evil with Outwit and the Special Power to penetrate armor of Tiny Size and Great Size characters, Egghead could overachieve enough to not make this list. But he’s hobbled enough by his short 4 range and middling AV to ensure he can’t really take advantage of the SP — he’ll miss the Tinys and the giants will squish him if he ever gets near enough to fight. Even the MOE TA only serves to speed him toward death. Egghead will probably stay in most players’ box bottoms, lest he get cracked.


 #9 slot is filled by two, sort of:

BLOOD BROTHER (Galactic Guardians 007)

61 points for Blood Brother’s distinct mediocrity as a solo brick almost earns him a spot on the list. But then, he’s not designed to be solo; he’s supposed to pair up with his bro!

So the good news is that his AV leaps from 9 to 10 with another Bro on the force, and all stats are +1 when they’re adjacent. On top of that, they can stave off death for the other when adjacent, too.

But that leads to the other problem: Keeping them adjacent means burning double the actions (via a taxi, TKer or their own move actions) to make this 122 points of your team just…OK. And you can’t hedge your bets by running more than two, either, because the bonuses only work when there are just two.

You could build around these weaknesses, but there are literally a thousand better choices than these bloody losers.



 #8 is the first tie:

BAD SAMARITAN (Batman 033)

Wild card status and Sharpshooter ability are wasted on poor AV and damage. Worse, you have to push to his best powers (super-Outwit and Penetrating/Psychic Blast, namely). With Stealth and Mastermind, he’s not completely useless, but at 83 points, he’s at least 25 points too high to make him worth using. Unlike the Good Samaritan, who helped a wounded traveler on the road, you should leave this guy lying there.

This fig is more proof that smoking is bad for you.

This fig is just more proof that smoking is bad for you.

At least he’s not as costly as this chick:

It's actually a toilet.

It’s actually a toilet.

MISTRESS DEATH (Galactic Guardians 044) is a great cannon with a staggering 13 range that’s anti-Stealth and shoots past friendlies with a full dial of Penetrating/Psychic Blast. But she’s the most immobile character in the game (4 Speed and can’t be TKed or taxied), and on the right map, she’s helpless and dies like the rest!

Tomorrow, three more of the worst.