Top Ten Torrid Tactics of 2012 (part 7)

Posted on January 30, 2013


Down to the #2 most torrid things in 2012 HeroClix: Ziran the Tester and Thanos Issue #1

I griped about Ziran back in October. Quoting (with some hindsighted copyediting):

“There are a lot of characters and game elements that can punish opponents with by using solid power combos, huge damage numbers, ease of attacking and staunch defenses. There aren’t many that punish opponents equally for building such into their team or largely leaving same OFF.”

The colossal’s stupid Testing trait harshly punishes any team built to effectively fight Ziran and any team that passes the test can’t effectively fight Ziran. As if fighting colossals weren’t hard enough already.

Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet 008, Issue #1) doesn’t even need a test. Just pick half the enemy force and click ’em like they’re taking Mystics.

Before the fight even starts.

Torrid. And yet not the most torrid tactic of 2012. That’s next time. Brace yourselves!

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