Top Ten Torrid Tactics of 2012 (part 5)

Posted on January 25, 2013


The countdown continues.


Resources were a new mechanic for 2012. Neither quite a feat, nor quite a special object, the Infinity Gauntlet combined the randomness of relics with the steady boost provided by the best feats.

Trouble was, it was better than ANY feat or relic — so much so that it became pointless to try winning a top-level tournament without paying the 40 points for the fully loaded version.

Here’s why:

  • Anti-Outwit. Who needs Fortitude? Ignore the black damage power.
  • Willpower. Any character that was hobbled by the fact that it couldn’t afford to push…well, it wasn’t hobbled anymore. Or balanced.
  • Random extra powers. With a full complement of Infinity Gems, a Gauntlet wearer could sport a short ton of powers (Steal Energy, TK, Mind Control, PC, Super Senses, Phasing, Carry, Incap, etc.). Not something to count on, but certainly not chopped liver.
  • Special Powers 1, 2 and 3. Within just a few rounds, suddenly that fig that you already had difficulty dealing with because your Outwit was useless and it kept acting 2 of 3 turns…well it just got more difficult to deal with. With SP #1, that random extra Gem power need not be so random anymore. Then SP #2 not only adds +1 to all stats — ALL! — but it also allows the player to pick any one power from the PAC.
  • Worse still, Both SPs do not require the dial to turn like the rest of the Gauntlet does, allowing the wearer to just. Sit. There!
  • Worst of all? SP #3 ups the ante to +2 to all combat values on top of the pick-a-power ability, and the wearer can use ANY of the attached Gems.
  • For the rest of the game.

A more balanced — and comic accurate — approach to these Special Powers would be for them to require the Gauntlet dial to turn with every action. Why? Because no one EVER holds the Gauntlet long. The less-than-cosmic can’t handle the power (see Nebula) and the powerful are either too wise to do so (Adam Warlock) or bore quickly of omnipotence (Thanos).


Barely any better is the Utility Belt. Much more random than the Gauntlet, it would seem to be a much more balanced piece.

It’s not.

It grants massive stat boosts about every other roll. Its attachable items grant some neat abilities for absolutely minimal cost (1 point).

And with just three of them, HEY! You get Willpower…for just 11 points.

Not done. You can get reloads of items, or take a double action to switch to your favorite click on the Belt (like the one with +2 stats and OUTWIT, maybe?) or add brand-NEW items, get free uses of existing ones or even drop one to make it a Relic.

One more thing: You can add a costume granting some MORE powers essentially for free (so far, we’ve got the Suit of Sorrows, which gives Super Strength and Battle Fury).

All this for a dirt-stinkin’-cheap 14 points, max. Its capabilities aren’t even fully known yet and it’s already warping the game.

Resources are torrid. But you need ’em if you’re going to face the top 3, coming next week.