Top Ten Clix of 2012? Or…?

Posted on January 4, 2013


“Let me explain … no, it’s too much. Let me sum up.”
— Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

It’s a new year, when I usually rank the top ten most playable HeroClix of the past year.

But 2012 was a strange year for the game. With more pieces released than ever before, not only are there just TOO MANY to properly review, but the term “playable” has become something of a gross understatement.

Longtime readers may recall a little article I did back in Feb. 2012: the top game-changers of 2012, looking at a bunch of lower-profile pieces that wouldn’t be game-winners the way the Top Ten proper were, but still bent or broke the normal rules of the game.

Well, 2012 was littered with even worse rule-breakers. And this lot actually threatened to take a lot of the F.U.N. out of HeroClix.

So this year’s Top Ten is going to look at

  • how those pieces break the game a bit
  • how the designers should’ve reined them in, in Heroclixin’s opinion
  • how to deal with them if you see them on the other end of the table, and
  • how to have some F.U.N. with them anyway.

After this series, we’ll look at the 10 Worst of the year, then Heroclixin’s 10 favorites of the year. Hopefully, we’ll be done in time for a normal Top Ten list based around a power, ability, theme or team.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!