Token Totin’ Thursday: New Year edition

Posted on January 3, 2013


Been a while, as I’ve been away on holiday. Time to continue Heroclixin’s photographic record of Super-Strong figs that can hold objects, again:


Hawk (Streets of Gotham Fast Forces 003) securely holds his token with his cape. “No hands, little brother!” The brawny Ghost of Batman (Streets of Gotham 051), also use his cape, though with far less competence. (That’s what happens when you use drugs as a crutch to get your Super Strength, kids! Batman (Streets of Gotham 013) of the invisible battlesuit granting Super Strength barely grips the token with his right forearm. The robotic WildCAT Spartan Warrior Spirit (Streets of Gotham 036) can balance the token in his arms as shown, or one can tuck it under his right armpit from the front.


Next week, Heroclixin’ begins its annual look back at the best, worst and whatever of the previous year. But with the staggering amount of HeroClix we saw in 2012, that’s gonna be a daunting task. Stick around and see what’s what.