TOP TEN Medics: #1

Posted on December 15, 2012



And now, number 1:


Donald Blake (Chaos War 010)

The Modern Age king of modern medicine, the mortal form of Thor is Heroclixin’s top medic. With his 11 AV, he’s not likely to miss many Support rolls, and a full dial of the power makes him pretty pushable.

He’s not very long-lived at four clicks and a max 16 DV, but he’s got his Alter Egos to lengthen his contribution to the fight. As needed, he can swap into one of the followingToughness-armored Thors:

  • a Running Shooter with the power to cut off long ranges via his Blizzard SP;
  • a Charging Weakness Exploiter with Willpower, or
  • a Flurrying, Close Combating Expert

Only 33 points, Blake truly affects each and every game he sees. He’s the #1 medic of Heroclixin’.

But he’s only the Modern Age medic of choice. He’s tied with the Golden Age queen:


Ghost Widow (City of Villains 002)

With Flight, Poison, 18DV, Phasing, 6 range and Mystics TA-by-another-name, the Widow is a highly versatile medic that’s hard to KO with later Super Senses and Regen. At 54 points, she’s a LOT more expensive than Don Blake and her single-digit AV makes her less efficient as a medic. But with so many other things going for her, she manages to claw out a tie with Blake as the top medic in Heroclixin’!