TOP TEN Medics: #6 and #5

Posted on December 12, 2012


Number 6


(tie) Alfred Pennyworth (Batman 031)
Alfred Pennyworth (Batman Fast Forces 005)

Yep, the Wayne family’s faithful butler claims a spot twice. The main set’s Alfred brings Perplex and solid 9 AV to the table with perma-Willpower through Indomitable. Better still is the fact that it works from 4 range AND heals extra clicks on tokened patients! The downside is that you have to push to get to the Support clicks and that’s a perilous thing for a 4-click dial costing more than 40 points. Batman Ally helps him hide, at least.

Conversely, the other Alfred is just 25 points for those 4 clicks and gets the Support (and Stealth) to start off, boosting his patients’ DV like the first #9 on the Top Ten. But he only ties with the above Alfred because he doesn’t start with Willpower and he loses Stealth when he DOES get it.

Despite their drawbacks, both versions of the old Bat-butler are great medics that richly deserve this #6 slot on the best-medic list.


And we’re not done with doctors associated with the Waynes yet…

Number 5


Bruce Wayne (Batman 037b)

The first Prime figure to appear on the Top Tens, this Bruce Wayne imposter is the real deal when it comes to combat medicine for one big reason: old-school Support. When he hits a heal roll, he heals up to 6.

That alone would get him on the list despite his highest-of-list 95 cost. His ability to use Bat-stealth (so long as he’s not teamed with any Bat Allies), use Outwit, Shape Change, ignore Stealth and copy team abilities gives him a ton of utility apart from Support.

The fact that he is so much of a team and a solid fighter is a drawback for the purposes of this list, and so he can’t really be rated any higher on a Top medics list. But Hush-in-disguise is good enough to crack the top 5 with ease.

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