TOP TEN Medics: #8 – #7

Posted on December 11, 2012


Number 8


Guard of the Citadel (Lord of the Rings 20 )

Peregrin Took here climbs to #8 with Leap/Climb for that mobility that a good combat medic could use — and at a far better speed value than the #10 member of the list at less than half the cost at 29 points.

For the actual healing, his 8AV would seem to be too low, though. But he’s got a Special Power that first gives him Defend, enabling him to share his 16 DV with his potentially higher-defensed patient for an easier heal, AND it boosts his own AV +1 when healing, something that’s normally not allowed by Support.

A couple of clicks of Support and this SP make him pushable, and the latter half of his dial stays useful with Enhancement. Don’t let the small size fool ya; this hobbit stands tall.


Number 7


The Atom (Blackest Night 005)

At 65 points, Professor Palmer seems too expensive to be a medic specialist — especially since you have to push off his best AV, damage and DV (at range, anyhow) to get Support via SP.

But it’s that SP that makes it all worth the push:

INDIGO COMPASSION : The Atom can use Support. When he does, his attack value becomes 12.”
Coupled with 19 DV Willpower, it makes this Indigo Tribe member one of the game’s premier healers, easily. Shape Change helps him survive some attacks, and later he gets Outwit. So despite a bunch of near-dealbreakers, The Atom packs a nuclear punch in the Support stakes.


Next will be another tie featuring a fella who often wears ties.