Top Ten: LEADERSHIP (1 of 3)

Posted on November 7, 2012



Maria Hill (Avengers Movie 011)

At a mere 51 points, Maria Hill is FAR too inexpensive to rate as a good general Leadership piece in the modern game. But her Special Power makes her great for SHIELD generics: she grants +AV to adjacent allies with the keyword. Combined with the Willpower she gets via the same SP, she benefits fellow SHIELD mooks greatly. Moreover, since SHIELD team tend to be composed of swarms of low-cost characters, the extra actions of Leadership are much needed.

Because she’s a great piece for the power on the SHIELD teams she’s most likely to appear on, Cobie Smulders Maria Hill is Heroclixin’s #10 top Leadership piece.

Next is a bad guy:


Moloch The Mystic (Watchmen 018)

At first glance he looks just like a mere Mind Control piece with zero defenses besides Shape Change, but he’s got a great form of Leadership that grants the user of the extra action Willpower. That character could be himself. You just have to be sure to declare which of your actions of the turn is going to be the extra one.

His long 10 range enables him to stay out of the main fray better than many, and his Underworld TA means he’s likely to carry or be carried by fellow Underworlders. His 79 points puts him a sweet spot, points-wise, to be a great boon to the teams he’ll show on. He’s Heroclixin’s #9 top Leader.


#8 (tie)

Capwolf (Captain America 061)

Superman (DC 75th Anniversary 050)

Both sport special Leadership that allow, on a 6 roll, the ability to remove a token from himself instead of a cheaper pal. Capwolf’s is a little better still, as it’s a trait instead of a first-half-of-dial SP and he can opt to drop the token off any adjacent Animal instead of himself. He’s also 100 points to Supes’ 120, with better AV, a full dial of BCF and Super Senses and nearly as much Battle Fury. But Superman is better in a fight, with a full dial of Toughness, JSA TA to help his or allies’ DV, perma-Leap/Climb, the ability to be carried and Indomitable. He’s also a slightly better general leader.

Both tie as the 8th-best Leadership figs.


Back to SHIELD for the next:


Steve Rogers (Captain America 031)

A Leadership trait and solid 99 cost would seem to put Rogers even higher on the tops list. And when you consider that he outright grants his adjacent Avengers- and SHIELD-keyworded pals the SHIELD or Avengers TAs, respectively, his Leadership is almost incidental to his utility on the team. Add to that his high AV as well. His weakness is a total lack of armor, making him a tempting target for KO. But Rogers is still the #7 best Leader by Heroclixin’s standard.


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