Fighting Fire with F.U.N.: Thanos 049

Posted on October 5, 2012


One of the least fun things to face in this game is the killbox: a zone of the map in which a player can lay down multiple attacks on a target before the target can counter or pre-empt it. In times past, it was Stealth- and range-heavy teams that could best use this strategy with proper map and positioning. But certain newer figures like Nightcrawler (Web of Spider-Man) have the ability to pull targets directly into said killbox. And two others have the ability to create a killbox from their own starting area!

Thanos (Galactic Guardians 049) is the worst of all.

His Speed SP, “Teleport My Greatest Enemies,” reads thusly:

“Thanos can use Plasticity. Give Thanos a power action and place the two highest point value target opposing characters in squares adjacent to Thanos.”

Um…WHAT? So much for positioning. There’s almost no way to beat this tactic, as Thanos is more than able to weather any counterattacks (assuming you can even mount one after his allies get first shot on you AND Thanos uses his OTHER SP to swap your Speed and AV around).

What can you do?


  • Pick the Shadowlands map.  Because Thanos’ power was errataed to target opponents (so that it couldn’t ignore first turn immunity), it became vulnerable to this map’s effect of preventing anyone from being targeted with any effect more than 6 squares away. This map will force Thanos players to actually leave the starting area or risk being swarmed by the time they can actually use the kidnapping power.
  • Run Mystics. At the very least, make ’em pay for janking and hitting your high-priced pieces.
  • Run Weapon X  (Captain America 059) or Captain America (Captain America 060). At least while they’re in their respective “stasis” states, they can’t be snatched. Gives you a chance to position.
  • Run a single figure. If there’s only one character on your force, he can’t use the power at all.
  • Finally, field deep-dialed top guns with speedy backups. Sometimes the Thanos player will screw himself over by hitting you to a sweet spot. (That’s what that stat-switching SP is for). Get your team over to back his targets up as quickly as you can.
‘Course, all this doesn’t help you against his sky-high stats or anything. But it might keep the game at least competitive.