Top Ten Worst Sculpts in HeroClix (part 3 of 3)

Posted on October 4, 2012


I can’t draw this out any longer. Here are the top four worst sculpts in HeroClix:



Morgan Le Fay (Critical Mass)

Y’know, she’s supposed to be scary AND beautiful:

I don’t even need to write any more. Just do the side-by-side for yourself.



Green Lantern (Origin)

It’s not an optical illusion. His left leg really is a good 20% shorter than his right. And his left arm is also shorter than the right as well. But, amazingly, from shoulder to fist, that left arm is actually almost as long as his left leg is from hip to heel.

More from the believe it or not department: this is based on an actual comic book panel. I’ve seen it. I wish to heaven I’d grabbed the shot from the blog I spotted it in.

Here’s the question I’d like to ask the sculptor: In a comics universe where you could pick Alex Ross’ or Carlos Pacheco’s or other A-list modern artists’ work as a reference, why would you use a janky bit of rushed Golden Age-era art as a reference?



Umar (Critical Mass)

Again, like Morgan Le Fay in the same set, she’s supposed to be beautiful, if rather scary, too.

 Critical Mass was more like a Crippled Mess where sculpts were concerned. And Umar here is the absolute poster child for the problem. Thankfully, sculpts have never gotten quite this bad again…except once.



Captain America (Avengers 001)

I asked before why this sculptor didn’t use better reference art to do Green Lantern. But considering that the reference for the above monstrosity was this pretty nice splash page:

…well, I guess it wouldn’t have helped.


Tomorrow: More fighting fire with F.U.N.

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