Dragon*Con bye round teams: part 3

Posted on September 1, 2012


I’m part of the judge staff at Dragon*Con this year, and I might be called upon to play a bye round in the event of uneven pairings. I’ve pre-posted my potential teams for each event for your vicarious weekend reading pleasure.

Here’s one of the GREAT teams I’d play in the 1 PM 300-point Golden Age tournament:


August General In Iron 100
Ghost Fox Killer 68
Accomplished Perfect Physician 51
Seven Deadly Brothers 30
Seven Deadly Brothers 30
+ Yellow Lantern 5
+ Indigo Lantern 5
= 299 points.
 BFCs: Alpha Strike, Ordinary Day, Disbanded



Deadpool (Web of Spider-Man) 158
Squirrel Girl 59
Doorman 45
Dinah Soar 25
+ Great Lakes Avengers ATA 12
= 299 points.
 BFCs: Ordinary Day, Armor Wars, Infiltration. Plenty of F.U.N. factor, here.



There’s also the “Court of Owls” game at 600 points at the same 1 PM time. Here’s my team:

The Dark Knight (Collateral Damage) 100
Batman (Fast Forces) 100
Batman (Crisis) 90
The Bat-Man (Superman) 81
Batman (DC 75) 77
Batman (Dark Knight Rises 201) 75
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
+ Yellow Lantern 5
+ Red Lantern 5
=597 points.
 It’s actually a “highlander-friendly” Batman team, with each being a different character: “The Dark Knight Returns'”over-the-hill Bruce Wayne, New 52 Wayne, Jean-Paul Valley, Thomas Wayne, Dick Grayson, movie Bruce Wayne, and Terry McGinnis.