Dragon*Con bye round teams: part 2

Posted on September 1, 2012


As I said Thursday, I’m part of the judge staff at Dragon*Con this year, and I might be called upon to play a bye round in the event of uneven pairings.

Here’s what I’d play in the 9 AM 600-point Modern Age tournament:


Aquaman (Superman) 156 + Flashpoint ATA 4
Aquaman (Justice League) 111
Aquaman (DC 75th Anniversary) 106
Aquaman (Brightest Day) 105
Ocean Master 65
Mera (Justice League) 51
= 598 points. F: It’s AQUAMAN. How beast could it be? U: Pretty tough, actually. Enough to threaten many teams at the cost and one that actually benefits a bit from certain characters taking the KO. N: Atlantis teams are one of my favorite things to play in this game, and it’s been too long since the last one.


There’s also the “Other Age” game at 500 points at the same 9 AM time. Here’s my team:

General RAAM 151
Dee Jay 75
Aragorn 75
Master Chief & Cortana 150
Lt. Hikaru Sulu 40
=491 points. I figure all the “other” ages ought to be represented on the team! Unfortunately, barring a last-moment ruling, the Star Trek Away Team won’t be allowed as it came too late to be included in the tournament rules setup. And I haven’t gotten mine yet, anyway.