F.U.N. Friday: Ginger Avengers

Posted on August 31, 2012


A couple of weeks back, an unexpected team won it all at GenCon’s HeroClix World Championship: Scarlet Witch (Chaos War Fast Forces 006), Wasp (Chaos War 030) and Morgan Le Fay (Chaos War) with a fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet.

I was pretty pleased to have already bought one fairly cheaply off eBay about a week earlier.

A playable piece with fellow Avengers, she is, but I didn’t want to just run her with a standard team build or, worse, just ape the World Champ’s team (no matter how much I like that new Wasp figure).

Not Nifty enough. Without the “N” in F.U.N., you get something a little rude, at best. 🙂

But what to play? The answer came in a second piece I’d been wanting to try out: Crystal.

Also a redhead.

Add to that 227 points any of a number of similarly coiffed Black Widow pieces:

The 35-pointer Avengers movie version leaves the build just two points to much to fit a full 40-point Infinity Gauntlet. Sad.

Same problem with the 75-point The Covert Avenger from the starter version…two points over the max.

The 60-point Captain America Widow lacked the Avengers keyword and would smash the keyword theme to pieces. I was tempted to use her anyway due to Marvel Knights ATA to give Morgan Stealth.

That left the other movie Widow, the 50-point “Takedown” girl.

Morgan Le Fay (Chaos War) 122
Crystal (Chaos War) 105
Black Widow (Avengers Movie) 50
+ Iron Man Briefcase 12
+ Secret Avengers ATA 10
=299 points.

Not bad. It’s a bit more Friendly than the championship team, lacking the ultra-support and Mystics threat that Scarlet Witch offers but not sacrificing all Utility with a mobile attacker like Crystal to back up Morgan. Widow gives Morgan anti-Stealth shooting powers and functions well as tieup for her allies. Both Avengers loan the Outwit/Perplex-blunting Secret Avengers ATA, too. And Morgan can suPerplex either of her Avenger pals slaves.

And, of course, the fact that they’re all red-haired babes makes it Nifty enough for me to play.

How will it actually play, though? Gonna have to wait for a future Battle Report for that.