Token Totin’ Thursday: DRAGON*CON

Posted on August 30, 2012


This is a different sort of “Token Totin'” in that it’s not about what Super Strong characters in HeroClix can hold object tokens.

Rather, it’s about the fact that some super FANS in HeroClix are toting prized objects for the gaming at Dragon*Con in Atlanta starting tomorrow.

There’s a ton of prizes ranging from Gale Force 9 tokens to LEs to Fin Fang Foom to Thanos to Giant-Man and way, way more.

Here are the events, briefly (visit Dragon*Con’s site for fuller details). Ones in red are qualifiers for the Champ game in blue:

  • FRIDAY 6PM: Avengers vs. X-Men. Build two 500-point themed teams from both factions and face your opponent’s team from the opposite faction .
  • SATURDAY 9AM: Two events, here. One is 600 points Modern Age. The other is 500 points “other” age: only figs from Street Fighter, LOTR, Gears of War or Halo allowed.
  • SATURDAY 1PM: 300 points Golden Age.
  • SATURDAY 6PM: Two events again. 1) 600 point “Court of Owls” event. Build a theme team using Detective, Gotham City, Gotham Underworld, League of Assassins or Police keywords with at least one character over 99 points who will be your “Batman” or “Talon” piece to gain an extra trait for this game. 2) Star Trek ship battles. Build 500 points of all-Klingon or all-Federation.
  • SUNDAY 9AM: 400 Modern Age named keyword team. 
  • SUNDAY 1PM: Two events. 1) The HCRealms Dragon*Con Invitational Championship! 300 points Modern Age. 2) The Dragon of Dragon*Con. Build a 400-point team of figures costing a max of 100 points. Then add one more single- or peanut-based character between 250-450 points to be the Dragon, which’ll get and grant various stat and power boosts with KOs.
  • MONDAY 9AM: The Charlie format game, in which you bring 7 single-based figures within 7 different point brackets (1-25 points, 26-50 points, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251+) and field them one at a time. Each time it turns its dial for ANY reason, roll a die and replace it with the corresponding piece off the field.

Yours truly is part of the judging staff, so if we’ve never met face-to-face, this’ll be your chance! And if we have an odd-number pairing in any of these events other than the Saturday morning ones or the Championship, I may be playing the bye round with a pre-made team.  If, for any reason, you can’t be at Dragon*Con yourself, you can amuse yourself by visiting Heroclixin’ at the above scheduled intervals to see what sort of F.U.N. team I might be playing at the time.

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