Battle Report: Infinity Gauntlet Month 8 THE REVENGE

Posted on August 29, 2012


Well, not exactly “revenge.” It’s just another tournament for the colossal Thanos that I actually qualified for this time.

The same parameters applied: 500 points of elements from Chaos War, Galactic Guardians or Incredible Hulk only. And I still lacked the chaeese* figures of the day (Sentry and Void or Thanos 049), so I again opted for something strange…and stranger.


Stranger (Galactic Guardians 043) 213
Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 028) 196 + Avengers Response Unit ATA 3
Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 206) 75
Astral Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 014b) 13
= 500 points, with 2x replacement Astral Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 014a).

ROUND ONE I again faced a bunch of Annihilators: the Fast Forces versions of Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Quasar and Ronan the Accuser, as played by returning player Ricky. And again, I won handily, losing only a single Astral.

ROUND TWO was against the dreaded Dr. Doom chase, Sharon Carter, Replica, Adam Warlock and the medic Donald Blake.  Tracy, one of the best players from back in the day, was unfamiliar with much of this just-pulled team. So despite triumphing over a Sentry/Void team, he fell to the multi-vector assault that was my team.

ROUND THREE was against Vic, another returned player who has come back with a vengeance. His team: Thanos 049, Scarlet Witch, AIM Renegade and Punisher 011. This was the other chaeese tentpole I was worried about; time to see how I’d hold up.

Vic’s team was viciously effective at the killbox technique. Punisher’s penetrating blast was Perplexed and Enhanced to a staggering 5, and Barrier made it impossible for Dr. Strange to interfere.

But I’d built this team to survive the dreaded Thanos killbox strategy and was well on my way to having a fighting chance of winning in an upset, because I’d landed on Stranger’s “pick any power” SP. So, picking Colossal Size and Hypersonic Speed, I tried to one-shot the AIM Renegade to stop any more Enhancement/Barrier/HYDRA hijinks.


Yep, got all but stranded and was forced to base the Psychic Blasters to cut off that threat, at least.

Just like that, my underdog team’s fighting chance slipped to needing a miracle.

Thanos opted to attack the wide-open Stranger himself.

Whoa! There was my miracle! Thanos was pushed and on a soft click, and Stranger picked Poison and damaged all four foes for free.

Unfortunately, that was about the last true success I had in the game despite Dr. Strange managing to get Thanos to his 2nd-to-last click. Once the bigger Dr. Strange was gone, the lesser was stuck with no way to damage Thanos, except by critical hit. But neither did Vic want to chase me down, for fear of a potentially game-killing crit miss.

RECORD: 2-1, and the final match came a lot closer than I might’ve figured. Vic was sweatin’!


It’s off to Dragon*Con with Heroclixin’ for the next several days. Come and see me in the HeroClix corner of the gaming room if you’d like to meet me! Ask for Mr. Sampson. There’ll be tons of Battle Royales, qualifying tournaments, a Supremacy League board and the famous Quarter Table.