Token Totin Tuesday: Giant-Man (Chaos War)

Posted on August 28, 2012


A few weeks ago, I nearly wrapped up the photo record of how Chaos War figures could hold their object tokens, but lacked the convention exclusive Giant-Man from the set to test and shoot.

Well, thanks to friends who went to GenCon, I’ve managed to get the shot.

Big Pym holds old-school tokens with ease: between the middle and ring finger of his right hand and the index and middle digit of his left. The newer, thicker tokens fit even better in his left hand.

And with that, the Token Totin’ Chaos War edition’s a wrap!!!


Speaking of conventions, yours truly is headed to Dragon*Con starting Thursday through Monday. Updates may be slim to nonexistent, as I will not have internet access for much of that time. But I’m hoping to have a little F.U.N. Friday piece in the meantime, and to do a most unusual Top Ten starting Wednesday, Sept. 5.